Berth Bookings

Berthage is paid at the time of registration on Topyacht. All entrants are guaranteed a berth after paying both the Entry Fee and the Berthage Fee. SMIRW Berthage is arranged for 7 days from Thursday 30th August to Thursday 6th September 2018 and you will be advised of berth allocations by e-mail 1 weeks prior to the event. 

If you require berthage either prior or post the event with at Magnetic Island Marina or Townsville Yacht Club, please contact TYC 07 4772 1192 or e-mail [email protected] who will arrange the booking on your behalf. Additional fees can be paid to the TYC at that time.  

Please Note: Nelly Bay Harbour is within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority designated area, no refuelling of vessels within the marina is permitted. Provision for refuelling outside this area will be made.

SMIRW Berthage rates:

LENGTH              TYPE                SMIRW RATE

10m                     MONO              $ 207.90

10m                     MULTI              $ 270.90

12m                     MONO              $ 249.90

12m                     MULTI              $ 294.90

14m                     MONO              $ 291.90

14m                     MULTI              $ 378.90

15m                     MONO              $ 311.90

15m                     MULTI              $ 405.90

18m                     MONO              $ 374.90

18m                     MULTI              $ 486.90

20m                     MONO              $ 415.90

20m                     MULTI              $ 540.90



Please contact Townsville Yacht Club:

E: [email protected]
P: (07) 4772 1192
F: (07) 4772 7363

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